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ZETTLER GROUP E-Mobility Solutions 2023

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The ZETTLER Group offers you product solutions for your e-mobility application. Visualization using TFT and LED displays, making and disconnecting the electrical connection using relays and monitoring and recording using current sensors.

p a g e | 6 Withstand

p a g e | 6 Withstand highest momentary currents with special contact arrangements In the AZEV116/132/140 series the conventional contact spring arrangement is replaced by a patent pending1) solution to survive highest momentary currents, as they may occur on short circuits. Through this special arrangement the contact performance even increases due to magnetic force; thus ensuring an outstanding reliability without contact welding. For the AZEV132 (AZEV140) this approach allows 32 Amp (40 Amp) switching current, and up to 1500 Amp of short circuit current (carrying) without welding. With its low holding power (also suitable for PWM), these PCB relays has entered a dimension that was hardly imaginable just a few years ago. Fulfilling safety and supervisory demands with contact monitoring Additionally, the AZEV116/132/140/200 features a potential free N.C. (1 Form B) monitoring supervisory contact as required by IEC62752:2016, thus making these types of relays ideally suited for applications with high security and safety demands. Contact welding or malfunction can thus be easily detected and indicated. AZEV132 AZEV140 AZEV200 Contact configuration Load + signal contact Contact gap Load contact (Form A) 1A+1B 1A+1B 2A+1B ≥2.25mm ≥2.25mm ≥3.42mm IEC62752 compliance Short circuit capacity Ip≥ 1.5kA I²t≥ 6kA²s Ip≥ 1.5kA I²t≥ 6kA²s Ip≥ 1.5kA I²t≥ 6kA²s IEC62955 compliance Short circuit capacity Ip≥ 1.85kA I²t≥ 4.5kA²s Ip≥ 1.85kA I²t≥ 4.5kA²s IEC62052 compliance (I nom. = 32A) Figure 4: Relays according IEC62752:2016

p a g e | 7 3 ZETTLER Relays and Contactors 3.1 ZETTLER Relays for SAE AC level 1 charging AZ27xx Series These 30 A relays feature double make contacts allowing for up to a 3 mm contact gap. The AZ27XX relay series comes in multiple package and termination styles (panel mount, plug-in, PCB), and has an optional UL Class F (155°C) insulation system. • SPST-NO-DM (1 form X) or DPST-NO-DM (2 form X) • Contact gaps of ≥ 2.4 mm or ≥ 3.0 mm • Dielectric strength 4000V rms • AC and DC coils • UL, cUR file E44211 • TUV certificate R50164753 Figure 5: AZ2705 and AZ2704 3.2 ZETTLER Relays for SAE AC level 2 and IEC mode 2 – Generation 1 charging AZSR131 The AZSR131 miniature power relay series are capable of switching up to 35 A at 277 VAC and meet IEC 61810-1 for the use in low voltage equipment and UL 508 for industrial control panels. Versions compliant to IEC-60335-1 (GWT-Glow Wire Testing) for household appliances are also available. In the standard version the AZSR131 has a contact gap of 1.8 mm and a dielectric strength of 2.5 kV between open contacts. A wide contact gap version (2.3 mm) is also available, with dielectric strength of 3.5 kV between open contacts. With TÜV approved ratings up to 50k cycles it fulfills the required lifetime according IEC61851 and IEC62752. Figure 6. AZSR131 • Dielectric strength 4500V rms • Creepage distance

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