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ZETTLER GROUP E-Mobility Solutions 2023

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The ZETTLER Group offers you product solutions for your e-mobility application. Visualization using TFT and LED displays, making and disconnecting the electrical connection using relays and monitoring and recording using current sensors.

p a g e | 4 SAE AC level

p a g e | 4 SAE AC level 1: Level 1 Charging utilizes a direct cable connection between the EV and a standard 1 phase 120 V AC wall outlet. The outlet has to be protected by a circuit breaker and ground fault interrupter (GFI)/residual current detector (RCD). Charging power of 1.9 kW can be achieved. SAE AC level 2: This is charging with 1 or 3 phase AC by use of a stationary charging station which is protected by a circuit breaker and GFI/RCD. The charging station and the vehicle communicate to each other to control the charging process. With a peak current of 80 A, the maximum delivered power can be nearly up to 20 kW. The SAE’s level 2 is comparable to the IEC’s mode 3. SAE DC levels: SAE J1772 also defines charging at DC voltages with high currents of some 100 amperes and voltages up to 400 V and above. Due to the high amount of electrical power, DC charging allows minimizing charging time and is generally referred to as DC quick charging. IEC mode 1: Similar to SAE AC level 1 charging, this is charging with AC on a typical household wall outlet, either 1 or 3 phase with currents up to 16 A. In this mode there is no communication between the energy source/grid and the vehicle. It must be ensured that some GFI/ RCD protective device is installed on the infrastructure side. IEC mode 2: The difference to mode 1 is basically that there are higher currents and a control and protection equipment integrated into the charger cable (In-Cable Control and Protection Device – IC-CPD). The IC-CPD protects from electrical hazards in case of isolation failures and is defined in IEC62752. In its newest edition the IEC62752:2016 requires a peak current Ip of up to 1.5 kA in case of short circuits. ZETTLERs newest developments are tailored to fulfil this challenging demand. IEC mode 3: In this mode charging with AC takes place through a dedicated charging outlet which is connected to a stationary charger (or wallbox). Charging is controlled via communication between charging unit and the vehicle. IEC mode 3 charging is based on a special purpose infrastructure to deliver the necessary power. IEC mode 4: This is charging similar to the SAE’s DC levels. Charging with DC is useful when charging with a high amount of power. In IEC mode 4 there is a dedicated wallbox with fixed charging cable and a dedicated DC charging plug.

SAE AC LEVEL 2 Stationary AC Charger p a g e | 5 The ‘ZETTLER Advantage’ As electro vehicles will have a significant impact in future personal mobility and public transportation, we have continually expanded our line of relays and contactors. These state-ofthe-art ZETTLER components have been successfully integrated by manufacturers of charging equipment. Charging modes Switching Sensing Visualizing IEC mode 1 SAE AC level 1 Direct Connection IEC mode 2 IC-CPD BOX IEC mode 3 SAE AC level 2 Stationary AC Charger IEC mode 4 SAE DC levels Stationary DC Charger Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable Available - and new products under development Available from ZETTLER Intended Available from ZETTLER Available from ZETTLER Available from ZETTLER Available from ZETTLER Available from ZETTLER Available from ZETTLER Figure 2: IEC charging mode solutions Today, ZETTLER’s product line of AC circuit Relays and Contactors spans across an extended range of product characteristics which make them suitable for many demands in EV charging. These products are accompanied by AC current sensing transformers and HMI solutions of our AZ Displays division. SWITCHING SENSING VISUALIZING IEC MODE 2 IC-CPD BOX IEC62752 AZSR235/250/180 AZEV116/132/140 IEC MODE 3 Stationary AC Charger ACST and CT series AC current sensing transformers AZ Displays LCD and LED solutions AZEV200 Figure 3: SAE AC LEVEL 2 solutions Copyright ZETTLER Group 2023

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