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ZETTLER GROUP E-Mobility Solutions 2023

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The ZETTLER Group offers you product solutions for your e-mobility application. Visualization using TFT and LED displays, making and disconnecting the electrical connection using relays and monitoring and recording using current sensors.

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p a g e | 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1. Introduction 3 2. E-mobility charging – IEC 61851 modes and SAE J1772 levels 3 3. ZETTLER Relays and Contactors 7 3.1 ZETTLER Relays for SAE AC level 1 charging 7 3.2 ZETTLER Relays for SAE AC level 2 and IEC mode 2 – Generation 1 charging 7 3.3 ZETTLER AC circuit Relays for IEC mode 2 – Generation 2 charging 11 3.4 ZETTLER Contactors for SAE AC level 2 and IEC mode 3 charging 13 4. ZETTLER Magnetics – Current Sense Transformers 14 5. ZETTLER Displays 15 6. ZETTLER Contacts 16

p a g e | 3 1. Introduction Innovation and leading-edge product development have always been a hallmark of ZETTLER Group’s engineering competence. During recent years, this has been particularly evident by our leadership role in providing component solutions in the field of Alternative and Renewable Energy and by developing special electromechanical switching devices for these types of applications. As electro mobility and other alternative transportation technologies continue to grow globally, ZETTLERs NEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS division is committed to supporting customers in electro mobility sectors around the world, with first-class engineering and new product design, and by leveraging ZETTLER Groups worldwide production and distribution resources. ZETTLERs industry-leading electromechanical ‘new energy’ components are designed for use in electric vehicle charging devices, electric drive trains or any similar applications requiring high loads to be switched and carried. 2. E-mobility charging – IEC61851 modes and SAE J1772 levels There are two standards governing EV charging. In the U.S. there is the SAE J1772 standard, while in Europe and China the IEC61851 standard is used. The IEC standard was derived from the SAE standard and thus has similar requirements, adapted for the European and Asian AC line voltages. Most terminology differences are small. While the SAE standard describes METHODS and LEVELS, the IEC standard talks about MODES, which are virtually the same. The charging of electro vehicles may take place in different manners, either with 1 or 3 phase household level AC voltages and respective currents, or by use of DC quick charging at voltages of 200 to 600 V at currents up to 400 A. SAE AC level 1 / IEC mode 1 IEC mode 2 – IC-CPD BOX SAE AC level 2 / IEC mode 3 SAE DC levels / IEC mode 4 Copyright ZETTLER Group 2023 Figure 1: SAE charging levels

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