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ZETTLER Magnetics Power Modules Catalog 08.21

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Zettler Magnetics, a Zettler Group division, provides application-engineering, sales, distribution and customer service for a wide variety of top quality transformers and magnetics components. We cater to a broad spectrum of customers in diverse industries and across many applications. Zettler Magnetics Transformers include epoxy sealed power transformers, open frame, low profile, switching transformers and chokes, while toroids include current sensing, zero phase current sensor, current transformers, PFC chokes and large power line filter inductors. Zettler Magnetics has the design and manufacturing capability to provide custom designs for the most specialized applications. Our sales, marketing, technical support, quality control and customer service departments work closely with our team of experienced design engineers at our manufacturing plant to help define the needs of our customers, and to provide optimal technical solutions for the most demanding application requirements.

命 名 规 则 ORDERING

命 名 规 则 ORDERING CODE Example: ZP(X) =Zettler Standard series AP(X) =Customized series HP(X)=High Performized series DP(X) =DC-DC Output Power (W) 03=3W 20=20W Output Type S=Single Output D=Dual Output T=Triple Output First Output Voltage 05=5V, 12=12V Second Output Voltage 06=6V, 12=12V 00= No Second Output Input AC Voltage Range E = Extra Wide Voltage Input(480VAC) W=Wide Voltage Input H=High Voltage Input ( ≥165VAC) L=Low Voltage Input (165VAC) Case Dimension A: A Type case B: B Type case… ZP( X) 05 S 12 00 W B Power Modules 02

HP-X SERIES: [ 1-3W ] 过 零 信 号 ZERO CROSS SIGNAL 感 应 交 流 正 弦 波 的 过 零 信 号 Sensing the Zero Cross signal of AC sin Wave TEST SCHEMATIC 测 试 原 理 : Y T1 T T2 Channel AC Input 2 Channel Pin X 1 3.3V±5% X T: Half of AC frequency period T1: Pulse rising phase shift T2: Pulse droping phase shift 过 零 信 号 检 测 的 作 用 ZERO CROSS FUNCTION 1. 可 以 通 过 检 测 过 零 信 号 , 产 生 脉 冲 , 来 控 制 导 通 时 间 , 以 达 到 控 制 起 动 时 输 出 功 率 的 大 小 , 以 减 少 启 动 时 的 功 率 损 耗 , 延 长 功 率 器 件 的 寿 命 。 Sending pulsing by receiving zero cross signal is to manage the start time, so as to control the output power and reduce the power loss at start-up, which can prolong the lifespan of power devices. 2. 可 以 通 过 过 零 信 号 改 变 控 制 角 或 导 通 角 , 改 变 负 载 上 脉 冲 直 流 电 压 的 平 均 值 , 实 现 可 控 整 流 。 Controlling the control angles and conduction angles by receiving zero cross signal is to change the average value of pulse DC voltage,so as to achieve a controlled rectification. 3. 可 以 广 泛 应 用 于 控 制 电 机 的 转 速 ,LED 的 调 光 , 继 电 器 的 吸 合 时 间 等 自 动 控 制 产 品 上 。 It can be widely applied in products which use automatic control such as motor speed, LED dimming, the pick-up time of relay and so on. 03

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