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ZETTLER GROUP E-Mobility Solutions 2023

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The ZETTLER Group offers you product solutions for your e-mobility application. Visualization using TFT and LED displays, making and disconnecting the electrical connection using relays and monitoring and recording using current sensors.

p a g e | 8 AZSR143 The

p a g e | 8 AZSR143 The AZSR143 miniature power relay series are capable of switching up to 43 A at 277 VAC and meet IEC 61810-1 for the use in low voltage equipment and UL 508 for industrial control panels. In the standard version the AZSR143 has a contact gap of 1.8 mm and a dielectric strength of 2.5 kV between open contacts. A wide contact gap version (2.0 mm) is also available. With TÜV approved ratings up to 50k cycles it fulfills the required lifetime according IEC61851 and IE- C62752. Figure 7: AZSR143 • Dielectric strength 4500 V rms • Standard (≥ 1.8 mm) or wide contact gap (≥ 2.0 mm) available • Clearance / creepage > 6.4 / 7.5 mm • Clearance / creepage > 6.4 / 7.5 mm • UL, cUR file E365652 • TÜV certificate B0887930015 AZ28xx Series The double pole AZ2800 and AZ2850 series of relays come with a 40A@277VAC rating, thus meeting the requirements of UL2202 Level 2 charging with branch circuit protection. Coming in both panel mount (AZ2800) and PCB (AZ2850) configurations, the relays are ideally suited to portable and fixed EVSE units. DPST-NO and DPDT versions are available. The lower capacity (3A) NC contacts can be used as part of a contact position monitoring and supervisory circuit. Figure 8: AZ2800 • Dielectric strength 4000 V rms • Creepage distance < 8 mm • AC and DC coils • UL, cUR file E44211 • VDE certificate 40023442

p a g e | 9 AZSR250 This 50 A DPST high power PCB relay is part of the first series of ZETTLER relays that were specifically developed for alternative energy applications and has been deployed in many various applications for years. It is suitable for charging equipment of up to 12.5 kVA (single phase) / 35 kVA (three phase). Key features of this relay are its very low holding power and a small footprint of just 10 cm 2 . This relay is also available as AZSR235. It is a cost effective solution for applications where a switching capacity of up to 35 A is sufficient. Figure 9: AZSR250 • Wide contact gap: AZSR250 ≥ 1.85 mm, AZSR235 ≥ 2.05 mm • Very low holding power < 100 mW • Reinforced insulation, EN 60730-1 (VDE 0631, part 1), EN 60335-1 (VDE 0700, part 1) • Dielectric strength 5000 V rms • Isolation spacing greater than 10 mm • UL, cUR file E44211 • VDE certificate 40033251 AZSR165 The AZSR165 is the 65 A economy version of the AZSR190 series. Developed for PV applications but used in many charging applications also. • Wide contact gap ≥ 3.0 mm (≥ 3.6 mm available upon request) • Dielectric strength 5000 V rms • Isolation spacing greater than 10 mm • UL, CUR file E365652 • TÜV certificate B0887930008 Figure 10: AZSR165 Copyright ZETTLER Group 2023

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