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ZETTLER GROUP E-Mobility Solutions 2023

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The ZETTLER Group offers you product solutions for your e-mobility application. Visualization using TFT and LED displays, making and disconnecting the electrical connection using relays and monitoring and recording using current sensors.

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Error %E p a g e | 14 4 ZETTLER Magnetics – Current Sense Transformers ACST-265-10 These AC-Current-Sense-Transformers (ACST) are used in control and monitoring applications, at protective circuits or load detection systems with purpose to confirm that the designated current actually flows, or whether the current differs significantly due to an overload, construction damage, or other failure. The main applications are in 50 Hz- or 60 Hz-systems. Figure 18: ACST-265-10 The primary winding is integrated in the sensor; this saves assembling time and results in a clear defined compact component with outside dimensions of just 20.0 x 17.8 x 23.8 mm. The measurement signal is isolated from the primary AC side, thus the sensor can be implemented at any point within the electrical circuit. The magnitude of the sensor’s output voltage may be adapted to the specific application by selecting an appropriate R L value. For the ACST-265-10 and a load resistor of up to 60 Ω it is linear in the whole measurement range up to 36 A rms . Burden resistor RL and meter not included and shown for reference only. Dots indicate winding polarity/direction. Magnitude error at R L = 60Ω, f = 50Hz 8 7 6 5 4 3 Figure 19: Wiring diagram Ta = 70°C Ta = 23°C 2 1 0 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 Primary current I PRI [A rms] Figure 20: Accuracy curve of ACST-265-10 • Primary Current Range 0.4 to 36 A rms • Dielectric Strength 4000 V RMS • Split bobbin design for ≥ 5 mm creepage and ≥ 4 mm clearance • Low profile (23,8 mm height) • UL approved Class B electrical insulation system (E317390)

p a g e | 15 5 ZETTLER Displays ZETTLER Displays AZ Displays is a leading developer and marketer of customized LCD solutions for existing and future markets, combining leading-edge screen and electronic technologies. AZ Displays is a 100 % member of the ZETTLER group. Since many years AZ Displays is offering to its customers various Displays and HMI solutions including TFT, PM LCD and LED solutions. TFT LCD • PCAP Touch panel or Resistive Touch available • Dimensions from 1.3“ to 10.1“ • Various Interfaces: Parallel RGB, LVDS, UART, MCU • TN, MVA, IPS Technologies • Display-Controller and Driving-Boards available • High Brightness for advanced readability Passive Matrix • Graphical and Character mode displays • Technologies: COB, COG, TAB • TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, FFSTN glasses • Industry standard parallel interfacing LED Displays • Flexible customized design • Multi light color options available • Display control board integration option available Figure 21: AZ Displays product range Copyright ZETTLER Group 2023

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