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ZETTLER Displays Short Form Catalog 06.20

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Displays from ZETTLER Our range of products will fully come to your expectations in terms of variety and technology. The wide product range includes IPS-, TN-, graphic-, character displays, monochrome TFT's as well as customized display solutions. AZ Displays is a member of the worldwide operating ZETTLER Group. In addition to displays the group is manufacturing relays, transformers and bimetal thermoswitches.

Worldwide Display

Worldwide Display Solution Provider Content About Us AZ Displays manufactures a wide array of industrial grade TFT displays at competitive prices. These displays are available as standard off-the-shelf products as well as fully customizable, turn-key solutions. AZ Displays has provided these solutions to key players in the medical, industrial, HVAC, white goods, and pool/spa markets. Within these markets we have created custom-tailored designs to address specific requirements for the PCAP and resistive touch panels, cover glass, backlights, gaskets, PCBA’s, and many other value-added options. IPS Displays Page 4 TN Displays Page 8 With an extensive product offering in IPS (In-Plane-Switching) panels, our solutions offer wide viewing angles, vivid color representation, and stable response times while maintaining a competitive edge. By vertically integrating the majority of the LCD manufacturing process at our factory, we are able to support roadmaps for 5 to 7 years on our core product offering. Monochrome TFT Page 10 (active matrix) In addition to our TFT line-up, we offer a wide range of passive monochrome displays. Our standard product offering of character and graphic displays are all available with multiple optical characteristics (polarizer, fluids, backlights). We are able to provide fully customized solutions including 100% drop-in replacements to existing designs. Graphics Displays Page 10 (passive matrix) As a member of the global entity, ZETTLER Group, we pride ourselves in supporting the North American market. Being headquartered in Vista, California allows us to provide fast response times and local sales and engineering support for your design needs. Character Displays Page 12 (passive matrix)

Customized Display Solutions For Passive Matrix Displays ■ LCD Glass: ■ Backlight: ■ Interface: ■ Connector: ■ Cables: Graphic, Character, Icon, 7 Segment or Combination Color, Shape and Mounting Preparation Parallel, SPI and I²C Multi-Pin Connector, ZIF or Cable Connector FFC, FPC and other ■ PCB and Assembly For Active Matrix Displays ■ Touch Panel: ■ Cover Lens: Resistive or Projected Capacitive Multi-Color Printed, Edge Treatment ■ Surface Treatment: Clear, Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective or Anti-Fingerprint ■ Interface: MCU, MIPI, RGB, LVDS or HDMI (with scaler board) ■ Optical Enhancements

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