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ZETTLER Displays Short Form Catalog 06.20

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Displays from ZETTLER Our range of products will fully come to your expectations in terms of variety and technology. The wide product range includes IPS-, TN-, graphic-, character displays, monochrome TFT's as well as customized display solutions. AZ Displays is a member of the worldwide operating ZETTLER Group. In addition to displays the group is manufacturing relays, transformers and bimetal thermoswitches.

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Watch video on our Vimeo Channel Visit our website www.azdisplays.de AZ Displays GmbH Junkersstr. 3 82178 Puchheim GERMANY Phone: +49 (0)89 - 800 97 - 0 Fax: +49 (0)89 - 800 97 - 200 office@zettlerelectronics.com www.azdisplays.de A division of the ZETTLER Group www.azdisplays.de www.zettlerelectronics.com www.zettler-group.com © AZ Displays. All rights reserved. All information are served to specify the components and are not guaranteed characteristics. We cannot take guarantee that specified circiuts, descriptions and tables are not covered by rights of third parties. Rights to change design reserved. 06.20

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